As an ex-professional dancer I’ve always had a passion for movement. I stumbled across my first yoga class in 2010 through curiosity of an introduction offer at a new studio where I lived in Hertfordshire! Since then, I have explored different styles and practices of yoga and have fallen in love with how it makes me feel again and again after each practice.

Being surrounded by hard workers, myself included, and the daily stresses of life, running from one job to the next. I would constantly have the internal battle of society and where you 'should' be at 'your' age. That LIMBO feeling. I turned to yoga for that escapism and to create some ‘me’ time. Creating balance, for me, was most important, providing a clearer headspace and sense of peace and happiness. I want to continue this journey and also share this with you.

My classes are positive, energetic and flowing. They’re less about ‘OM’ing and more about finding space to feel happy and comfortable with just being.

Yoga is not about how good you look in a pose, it’s a practice of getting to know yourself a little bit better. Tuning out from the outside world and listening in to what’s happening inside. Many people have very little chance to do this and I am committed to change that.

I specialise in power vinyasa, pre and post natal yoga.

So join me for a class or I can come to you at home or work. Let's work on cutting out negative talk, set positive intentions and even learn fun new poses.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!